My Confession: My man tricked me to end our relationship


February 26, 2016

STAR, men are so wicked. Sometime me really have to wonder if there are any good men out there because of what I have experienced with them.

When I was in college, I met this guy. We were in a relationship for well over a year, and things were going alright. Sometimes we would have our little arguments here and there, but I didn't think much of it.

We always used to quarrel about this girl named Keisha* because I just felt they were too close. She was always posting his picture on Facebook, talking about #MCM, meaning Man Crush Monday, and she would always post 'bae' meaning baby, on his page.

I hated it, I felt like it was inappropriate, so me always used to cuss him about it. He used to cuss me back and say I'm too jealous, and that the girl is his close friend and that's how they relate to each other.

In trying to be understanding, I didn't really bother him about it after a while.

Later down in our relationship, during the summer, he went overseas to visit his mother who lives in Canada, which he normally does. During that time, we didn't get to communicate much, and he would explain that it's because he's busy helping out his mother with her business. Again, I believed him, but I found it very strange that he had time to post on Keisha's page, but he didn't have time for me.

I got the shock of my life when he told me he was migrating to live with his mom, permanently, because the filing had come through. Initially I thought he would eventually marry me so that I could live with him, but he instead broke up with me, and said the long-distance thing won't work.

I was so heartbroken because I really thought he was the one but, to add insult to injury, Keisha messaged me on Facebook asking me what is going on between me and Andre*. When I told her that we recently broke up because he's migrating, she told me that's very strange because they have been together for two years, and he's not migrating!

Apparently, the bwoy told me he was migrating to get out of the relationship with me, so that he could be with Keisha, fully!

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