Trust issues cause paternity doubts

February 26, 2016

An unpleasant experience in a previous relationship has scarred Julian Thomas*. According to him, it has made him unable to trust another woman so he refuses to accept the child, Taniece Francis* recently gave birth to as his biological son.

Thomas told THE WEEKEND STAR that a few months prior to his relationship with Francis*, he had broken up with his previous girlfriend because she had lied to him about her pregnancy.

"The doctor had told me I couldn't get anyone pregnant but, because I loved her, me take the child. She told me the truth, so from that me sceptical bout woman," said the sub-contractor.

According to Thomas, he and Francis hit it off quickly and began an intimate relationship shortly after they met more than a year ago.

"We met in January, and by March she tell me that she pregnant, so me haffi wonder if she came to me pregnant," he said.

Rumours in the community about his partner's infidelity has also caused Thomas to be wary of the paternity of the three-month-old child.

Francis is convinced her young son's father is Thomas.

"I have no doubt in my mind that he is the father of my child, so I want to do the test just to get this confusion over with," she said.

Though the 33-year-old admitted she had sexual intercourse with someone else shortly before her relationship with Thomas began, she remains confident the child is his.

The couple agreed the child resembles Thomas, but that has not helped to deter his doubts about being the biological father.

"Too much things happen with woman, plus the bag a rumours mek me caan just take this looks thing as gospel," he explained.

Thomas and Francis said they want to win the free paternity test so they can move on from this issue which they claimed has caused problems in their relationship.

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