Danger celebrates growth in career

March 04, 2016
Danger (foreground) and deejay Spice.

Dancehall Queen Danger has said working with Spice and Dance Xpressionz has helped to boost her career. According to the dancer, who is now on tour with the 'Needle Eye' deejay, the exposure is good.

"I am pleased with my career. I am in a better position than I was in previous years. I am getting more exposure and more requests in the entertainment industry, so right now I am focused on doing my homework, and going harder because this is a competitive market," she said.

Danger, who started working relations with Dance Xpressionz dance crew, led by Orville Hall, in 2015, says she has been getting more shows.

"Even on social media, I have gotten more followers and a bigger fan base, and bookings are favourable.

"I want to be one of the best choreographers in the world, and I can see where things are taking shape. I also want to go into acting, and just be the best at everything I aspire to be," Danger told Dancers Paradise.


Danger has been a dancer for more than a decade. However, she rose to prominence after her win at the International Dancehall Queen Competition in 2014.

In addition to performing with Spice, Danger is also promoting dance moves such as Transformer, Charge Up, Knapsack, Badda Wine and Spirit. She also has advice for aspiring dancers.

"Young dancers never lose faith and never give up. You never know how far you are from your goal. Every time when you reach the cliff and you feel like you are going to fall, that is when God will help you. Rome wasn't built in a day, and anything you have to do give it your all," she said.

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