My Confession: My friend isn't sure about her baby daddy


March 04, 2016

Couple years back, I had a girlfriend. We used to talk about everything. We were each other's ride-or-die chick.

She got involved with a guy, Jason*. It was awkward how they met, but they got involved and sex started to happen. A little later, she met Sean* at a club and they, too, got involved. She was sleeping with them both.

A few months down the line, she got pregnant, but she wasn't sure who 'breed' her. She told Sean first, but that never go too well. He was saying it wasn't his, and all. He ended up having to leave the country for work. He came back early and gave her some money, but he was still saying the kid wasn't his.

The baby born so she decided to tell Jason. He too wasn't too sure it was his, but he was willing to do DNA. Jason decided on a day to meet the baby, the same day Sean decided to take the baby to visit his parents. She was there waiting to see who would reach first, but Sean did. Jason was so upset cause there was a possibility the child was his, but it never work out in his favour.

Sean's family ended up meeting the baby and loving the baby, so she just stuck with him being the baby's daddy. But, up to today, she's not sure if the baby is 100 per cent his and she is wondering if anybody going to find out.

PS: I hope she don't see this cause I am sure she going to know I wrote it ... lol.

*Names changed

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