Mixing the British and Jcan accent


March 07, 2016

"What a nice place fi live ... Sweet Jamdung! Di only problem is dollaz nah run!"

What's up my Fass & Curious people?! Hold a special big up fi yuhself this week! What a gwan?

It's great to be home! No matter how excited you get when the plane take off; there's no better feeling than when it land and yuh reach a yaad! Like every other time there's always a story because you know I'm like the fly on the wall.

I'm a sucker for a British accent, so when I heard this woman speaking to her child, I turned around real quick. The little boy didn't have an accent, so immediately I played out scenarios in my head: not her child or he doesn't live with her!

Next time I heard her voice my neck snap so quick; mi never ready, she walked aggressively to her seat, "After mi nuh idiat! Unuh tek people fi fool kmt!"

It's not what she said its how! *tear out mi yiy* Where did that thick English accent go so fast? Dannng!! I didn't play out the fake British accent in my scenarios SMH! I guess you don't get a Jamaican off their true color I mean accent will show up! Lol!

Her son struggled with his luggage, "Next time you nah get nuh suitcase fi carry cause yah gwan like yuh a idiot."

As someone helped her with her luggage she said a nice British thank you, but as soon as I passed her with my daughter, she chip out.

"How it look like dem put all a di baby dem rounda back so?!" She asked. I said, "Exactly so!" She then asked me where I was traveling from and I told her South Carolina.

She surprised me again, "Where is that?"

I said, "South Carolina like North Carolina the (United) State!" (Really?!)

She replied, "Mi nuh know weh dat deh... America.... Yuh nah come from on no weh, a England ma come from!" (OK then)

A man asked Ms English where in Jamaica she was from. She said Kingston... "dung a West!" The man said to his wife, "I told you!" I laughed and said, "Really you needed to ask!?"

"No mi know, is my wife say she come from country!" he said. I turned to the wife and said "Really you out of order!" The husband laugh, "I'm from country so I know!" I said, "Me too! " The rest is history!

The two ladies in my row and myself all joked around about our VIP seats... At the back....like the very last seat. One joked, "We paid extra to sit back here right beside the toilet and the kitchen!" lol!

We helped ourselves to their blankets that was for First Class....one for everybody in our VIP area (damn thief...mi only instigate it wasn't me although mi get two) LMAO! I told them, "Only First Class get bottle water, pillow and blanket so hide them!" To prove to them I ask for some water of course I got it in a cup SMH!

Highlight of the trip though, when I pointed out one lady's hairstyle. Hair so well done and with so much black dye we couldn't make out the hair from the skin. LMAO! Dah hairdresser deh want a beating! Unuh fi stop it. It don't look good! Walk good yah mi peeps! Next week!

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