Tanto Blacks is Star of the Month

March 07, 2016
Tanto Blacks

Dancehall artiste Tanto Blacks is this month's STAR of the Month.

The comedic dancehall artiste, who rose to popularity following a memorable stint in Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in 2009, is known for his catchy slangs, outlandish style of dressing, appreciation for vintage cars and his energetic performances.

Over the next few weeks, STAR readers and online subscribers will get to know the deejay a little bit better as he opens up his home and heart to our news team. Fans will get to see the domesticated side of the deejay through the 'In the Kitchen' feature, and will get the opportunity to see what the entertainer does on a daily basis through the feature, 'A Day in the Life of'.

As part of the month-long feature, fans will, among other things, get to see pictures of a younger Tanto Blacks and learn facts about the entertainer that have never been revealed.

A past student of Edwin Allen high school, Tanto Blacks is currently one of the most talked about dancehall artistes, with popular songs like Real Rich and Lifestyle - the latter featuring close friend and frequent collaborator Poor and Boasy.

Since his resurgence with the help of social media, Tanto Blacks has performed in countries like Antigua and Canada. He has also collaborated on projects with iconic record producer Dave Kelly and Cham's Lawless outfit.

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