Predictions: Spirits come in all forms


March 10, 2016

It was clear from an early age that my cousin was very bright, and upon graduating from high school with lots of subjects, he joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Everyone in the family was confident he would soon be promoted up the ranks based of the potential he had showed as a child.

Things did seem to be working according to plan until he arrested a man who vowed to get revenge. My cousin was seated at the desk while on duty one evening when a big black bat flew into the station and started circling his head. He became afraid and tried to chase it out of the building but the insect just would not leave, so eventually he was forced to kill it.

About three days later he became ill with a splitting headache and was unable to get any ease, no matter how many painkillers he took. Things got so bad my cousin was unable to work and had to be sent on sick leave. Despite rest and medication his condition got worse. It reached the point where his mother and father became concerned for his safety, as well as theirs, because of his unpredictable behaviour and refusal to obey them.

He was only moving slow and putting on a lot of weight. I got him to stop taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor and started him on some of my own herbal medicine. Within a couple of weeks he started to feel better and this was reflected in his behaviour, resulting in a full physical recovery and regaining full control of all his faculties. An important lesson is to respect and appreciate nature. Remember, spirits come in all forms, so don't be quick to kill insects or other things we don't like or understand because they are all part of God's creation.

Jerry (not his real name) had been afflicted by bumps all over his body from an early age, for which doctors could find no cause nor cure.

This was particularly hard for his family since the skin would clear up and then without explanation the bumps would return in full force and fester into sores.

This situation became a major source of embarrassment for Jerry since he could not explain the cause, and he missed out on school for long periods and avoided church and other social occasions.

A friend told Jerry about me. We met and I gave him some dried herbs with detailed instructions on how to prepare and use them. I did not see him for about three years, by which time his skin had been clean for quite some. He thanked me. God bless.

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