Real Talk: Tami Chynn, the mother and wife

March 10, 2016
File Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall
File Tami Chynn does in an interview while she was 20 weeks pregnant in 2013.
File Tami Chynn (left) poses with her son, Jaxen, sister, Tessanne Chin (right), husband, Wayne Marshall (right back) and stepson, Gio.


Hello Real Talkers, our guest this week is none other than the certified diva and model mom, Tami Chynn. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. It's like she says, "nothing makes for happy parents, like happy people." Tami is definitely a happy person.

Renee: What kind of mother are you?

Tami: I'm pretty strict you know. A lot of people can't imagine that, but if you know me good, you know I am (laughs). Wayne is the soft one. I like discipline a lot. I don't want it to be in a way that it cowers my children down, but I do believe that it is important to have them understand that there are consequences for their actions. And Wayne is a great father too, trust me. I got lucky (laughs).

Renee: What is your most memorable 'mommy moment' to date?

Tami: Oh God, I have them all the time. Even with Gio being a part of my life, he has given me so many memorable mommy moments. Both of my boys do. I can't choose one. I guess it's when they start to communicate with you. Like the other day Jaxen said to me, "Mommy you're my best friend in the whole world." Oh God, I just wanted to die. It's just great.

Renee: You spoke about your stepson, Gio, how do you manage to make a blended family work so well?

Tami: If it wasn't for Regina (Gio's mom) being who she is, for Wayne being who he is and me being, who I am, it wouldn't work. If we were just caught up in ourselves, it wouldn't work. We want the same thing for Gio and the best thing for him. We don't let petty stuff get into our brains. Regina and I talk more than Wayne, we joke about it all the time. It's not always easy, but anybody can make it work, if you want it to work. We're not doing magic here, just take yourself out of it and put your children first.

Renee: What would you say are the most important ingredients of a healthy marriage?

Tami: Communication, it sounds cliche. There is also trust and lots of laughter. We (Wayne and I) really understand each other. I would never want to portray an image like we never have issues or argue, because we do. The point is that we always find our way back to each other. It's really important to recognise that not every day is going to be the greatest day. It's important, too, to be on the same trajectory, I can't go east and you go west.

Renee: Where are you in music?

Tami: Well, for now I'm just trying something else for a change. I can't be done with music, I'm just not doing it right now, but I sing every day. I sing lullabies every night and my kids love it (laughs). I have a captive audience.

Sooo, how many kids does Tami want and what is she doing now? I'll tell you next week. Until then, keep it real!

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