Stage energy comes naturally - Tanto Blacks


March 10, 2016
File Tanto Blacks

Whenever his name appears on the line-up for a show, fans know that they will be in for a treat as he is one that always entertains. His on-stage delivery is unique and his energy is always at 100 per cent. He is our STAR of the month, Tanto Blacks.

Well aware of the impact that his energy has on his fans, Tanto Blacks told the STAR that he always performs with his fans in mind. "I know what the people want, and so mi always try mi best fi give them that," he said. "People want to have fun, and I am all about the fun."

Quizzed about the kind of preparation that goes into his performances, the entertainer said that his energy comes naturally. "I love performing, so everything just come to me naturally," he said, laughing. "Before mi go pan stage, mi nuh think say mi a go jump yah so or kick out mi foot deh so. It just come to me. Something happens when I'm on stage. Mi can't explain it, but mi love it."

While some may look at his on-stage acts as gimmicks, Tanto Blacks simply sees it as fun.

"Mi just love have fun. Anybody weh think a gimmicks can gwaan think that. Mi born dis way. Mi always have dis energy," he said. "If people waa look at it as foolishness or joke, dem can gwaan. People a go talk good and people a go talk bad. Either way, mi 'gimmicks' real rich and mi a get richer every day."

different slangs

The entertainer also told the STAR that since he came up with the 'real rich' slang, some persons have labelled him as "hype", but he insisted that his actions or slangs are not meant to give the wrong impression.

"True mi say real rich, yuh have some people weh a say mi hype, but Tanto neva hype yet. Tanto just love have fun. People will always hear me coming up with different slangs, different look, and mi will always energetic on stage. A just so me stay."

The entertainer has been enjoying huge success locally and internationally in recent times as his single Real Rich has been doing extremely well.

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