How to: Registering with RADA


March 11, 2016
File A farmer transports bananas out of the field at a small farm in Albion Mountain, St Mary.

With many farmers in Jamaica being plagued by praedial larceny, Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has encouraged agricultural stakeholders to register themselves with the organisation in order to develop a database to track the output of the agricultural industry. Farm registration is the process of collecting data to uniquely identify all farmers and provide basic information about their farms and farming practises.

Here is how farmers can register with RADA:

1. Individuals or groups (including companies) who are cultivating crops or rearing livestock and have the intention to sell are encouraged to register.

2. Registration takes place at all RADA parish offices islandwide and at the Electoral Office of Jamaica offices in each parish.

3. Persons who are registering themselves with RADA should identify their beneficiaries and efforts they make to control the distribution of flood relief.

4. Farmers' data and photo taken by RADA staff at specified locations are entered into computers at the parish office.

5. The farming activities done on a daily basis and outputs capacity should be included in the person's registration with RADA.

6. Farm visits will be done by RADA to verify the data that is given during registration.

7. Farmers who are registered by a commodity board or are members of a farmers group, such as the Coffee Growers Association, should be registered even if they have been previously registered by their farmers groups or other organisation.

8. Photo IDs are produced and made available to farmers after the verification exercise.

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