My Confession: Co-worker ruined my relationship


March 11, 2016

STAR, some years ago, in mi mid-30s me used to work in a small office where everybody know each other business because the place so small and the people dem nuff and faas.

Back in those days I was engaged and all a them know mi fiancEe. Despite that fact, mi did think me was Mr Slick and could cheat on her without anyone knowing, but eventually the whole office did find out say mi and the female security guard inna things.

A good while me and the security lady inna 'dealings', enuh, and we had it all planned out. She used to get day-off on Wednesdays and Fridays, so every three weeks I would call in sick on one of those days and me go a the security yard go 'lock down'.

But me neva want the people at the office fi notice say every time the security get day off me absent, so mi try mix it up. For instance, if mi call in sick on Wednesday this week, the next three weeks me call in sick on Friday.

Di two a we swear say nobody had a clue about us but, like me say, it was a small office and the people dem very faas. I don't know how me co-worker (we can call her Nuff Neisha*) find out say me and the security deh, but she use it mash up me life.

One Wednesday me call in sick and go to the security yard a gwaan wid some 'niceness', only fi hear me phone a ring. When me look a me fiancEe a call. She ask weh me deh, so I said, "Honey, you know I'm at work, so why you ask that?"

She told me that Nuff Neisha called the house that morning and ask what happen to me mek me nuh come work today so, obviously, me nu deh a work. The way how me frighten me couldn't think of nothing fi say. From that day she stop trust me until, eventually, it mash up the whole relationship, and me did really love her enuh.

Mi say, if I could eva hold Nuff Neisha today, you see, I woulda lick her straight to the ground even though she might not even remember what she do me.

*Names changed

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