Star of the Month: Tanto Blacks not in music for negativity

March 17, 2016
File Tanto Blacks

Tanto Blacks

not in music for negativity

STAR artiste of the month Tanto Blacks says he values friendship in the music industry.

According to the Real Rich artiste, he has a good working chemistry with Supa Hype's 007 camp, however, he does not harbour malice or hatred for any member of the music industry.

"When mi just come out of Magnum King and Queen, mi put out a song wid Skatta and then mi put out a song wid Pay Day music. After that mi work with Supa Hype and do a song name Tanto Dance and from there wi start link. Supa Hype have a vibe, but it's not like mine because mine unique and his unique to him, too. Him can talk like chiney man and mi cyah do that, but wi work good together," he said.

The artiste who has also worked with Dave Kelly, Poor and Boasy, Timberlee, Fambo, Ninja Kidd among others told The STAR: "I maintain a good relationship with everybody even mi enemy, because a just suh mi stay. Mi nuh inna problem wid people."

Tanto Blacks is slated to perform at White House Link Up hosted by Empire Entertainment on March 26.

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