Shady Squad promotes Bounce and Galang

March 18, 2016

Award-winning dance crew Shady Squad is gearing up to release two new projects namely a new dance move and a song. According to Shady Squad's founding member Conry, releasing songs will help to secure their projects.

The dancer, who also studied at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, says he has a musical background that sets him apart from other dancers who also dabble with music.

Currently aiming to cement the Bounce and Galang dance in the dancehall. Conry says the choreography is easy.

"The dance has a natural swag and it is original and easy enough for any individual or age group to catch on to. People already like it because, even if you are not a good dancer, you still look good doing it," he told Dancers' Paradise.

The group recently premiered the dance move at UWI carnival. They are also aiming to break into the international market using authentic dancehall steps.

"We just want to give the dance back to the people. We make dances for them because we want them to party and enjoy themselves. We are aiming to take it from the streets to the mainstream and like Pinky and Brain seh we are aiming to take over the world. I also want people to stay tuned for the accompanying song," he said.

Shady Squad has already toured more than 17 countries in Europe and was recently featured in the Belgium media for their work. They were also nominated in the category of Best Dance Crew in a recently concluded award show.

Persons interested in viewing the Bounce and Galang dance move may visit and search for ShadySquad.

"Shady Squad's originality, creativity and personality are what set us apart from everyone else. As a group we act as family like we are brothers. We don't get caught up in hype we just focus on goals and move towards them and from day one it has been the same batch of members," Conry said.

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