Woman seeks compensation after being injured in restaurant


March 18, 2016

A woman who walks with a limp because of an accident at a restaurant in 2014 says the owner has refused to pay her medical expenses.

She explained that she was sitting on a plastic chair having a meal which she purchased when the chair collapsed and she injured her right foot. One of the workers rushed her to the hospital, where she was admitted for three days.

"I was admitted in hospital for three days because my right foot was swollen and I was feeling severe pain," she said.

"When I was discharged from the hospital, I called the restaurant and spoke to the owner. He told me he was sorry to know I was injured and he was going to pay all my medical expenses.

"I have been going to the doctor frequently because I still feel pain in my foot. I did all sorts of tests and they have cost me lots of money. Sometimes it is my sister who lives in England who has to send money to pay my medical bills.


"I have copied some of the bills and have given them to the owner. He got some of the bills in June 2015 and some in December 2015 and he has not said anything to me.

"In February this year, I went to the owner and asked if he could refund some of my medical expenses as I had my daughter's school fees to pay. He got into a rage and began cursing me. He told me to my face that if I was sitting properly on the chair, it would not have collapsed with me.

"I asked him what he meant by that and he said other customers who weighed far more than me sit on the chair all the time and it never broke with them. I told him I was sitting on the chair just like everybody else and I did not tell the chair to collapse with me.

"He said I should go 'bout my business and stop bothering him. I think he is being very unfair because he had promised to pay my medical expenses," she explained.

The Occupier's Liability Act places a responsibility or common duty of care on the occupiers of premises and business places to ensure that they are reasonably safe for guests and visitors. You should consult a lawyer to assist you in taking legal action against the owner to recover damages which will include your medical expenses.

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