Common sense not so common!


March 21, 2016

What's up? What a gwaan? Unuh alright?! Bwoy, mi a tek it easy, yuh know cause that's all you can do most times especially when the "supposed to be" educated professional people get on yuh nerves.

Now, imagine this. I went to the clinic the other day to get my contraceptive injection. When I got the first shot back in September, I explained to the nurse that for the next date in December I won't be here, so I will follow up at the clinic where I am. Common sense would tell me to make a notification on the patient's file. Yay or nay?! Well, apparently she didn't.

While away, I followed up in December and got another shot. The nurse gave me a card with the next date which is where I was the other day. That is not something you can get anywhere but from a doctor or nurse who administer it. It's not something you can walk into any pharmacy, and purchase over the counter either. It has to be prescribed!

First of all, when I walked into the clinic, there was no one at the front desk. It was a lady who was leaving who told me, "just put your card on the table and take a number. Somebody supposed to be here but everybody gone to lunch, Miss!" I took her advice then went upstairs to the waiting area.

Quite a few women were there waiting. I waited a good half hour before I heard my name, only for them to tell me speak to the nurse because of the date on the file. I went in and explained to the nurse, and gave her the card I got from my last appointment. She told me she couldn't administer the injection because the card is not proof enough. Like, really lady, do you realise the card you holding? I said, "Well, I'm having my menses, so can I get it?!" She said "No, you have to come in at the next available date." I asked when that was, this woman gonna tell me next month.

unwanted babies

Now this is my argument, where is your common sense?! How can you deny someone free contraceptive? Okay, fine, if you think I picked up that card from the thin blue sky, I was here six months ago!! Now I am in the red you can prove that, but you gonna tell me come back next month? Where do they get their thinking from. Better she told me she didn't want to give any more out for the day. SMH! Now you can see why sometimes unwanted babies are born it's because of their stupidity and lackadaisical behaviour. (Don't jump on the bandwagon now, they have 72 hours morning after pill or better yet wear a condom lol!)

Anyways, I was upset I was there so long only to hear that. I marched my way to a private doctor, pay my money, and got my injection not because I didn't want to get pregnant, but because of the other advantages of the injection.

So there, miss nurse. Don't know what you were trying to stop, or prove, or what your problem was, but, oh well. Next time, exercise some common sense. Walk good yah people!

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