My Confession: I was a nerd, but I got his girl


March 24, 2016

When I was a young boy, during my teen years, I was a real nerd.

I had those big glasses. I would dress weird because I didn't really have any sense of fashion, and books were my only friends. I was a house rat. I only leave my yard for school or to play football if my mom permitted me.

I had a neighbour named Jennifer who befriended me. She was some years older than I was. She would always invite me over her yard, especially went her babyfather wasn't at home.

After a while she started making some sexual advances at me. She started touching my body a certain way, play in my hair, nibble on my ears, and play with some other body parts. She would then send me home and tell me to continue what she started.

This went on for a while until one day it went a little further and the neighbour caught us and told her [Jennifer's] babyfather. The babyfather cuss off the neighbour and tell her say a lie she a tell. Him say, "dat deh nerd can't f... my gal. Yuh nuh see ah fool dat."

During my teens I didn't get to go 'all the way' with her but long after, during my early 20s, she kept calling my phone for no reason. One day, I buck her up in the evening after work and carry her to my house and it finally happened, with a bonus too! She went on her knees, if you know what I mean.

From that day, we started doing it every evening after I came home from work and before her man reached home, and she went on her knees every time.

One day, something so ironic happened. I was over Jennifer house and her man came and started cursing her about her female cousin who he believes is a loose gyal. He said to Jennifer, "mi nuh wah yuh mek yuh s...k h..d cousin hold up mi pickney cause rasta burn fire fi dutty living."

I burst out laughing because the Ras had no idea that his woman was doing the same things he was cursing her cousin about.

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