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March 24, 2016
Veronica Reid, Montego Bay's hot granny.


Because we are the people paper, we can't help but include you. So, if you are an active follower you may just see your comment here.

Here are some comments on stories that were a hit on Facebook last week:

Hot granny turns head in MoBay (Published Wednesday, March 16, 2016)

Our followers had nothing but love and support for granny.

Ronniegon Tyndale: Tek on dem young girls, yes, mums. Old but nuh cold.

Makalia Palmer: She looking better than some of these young girls, so why not go for her dream.

Pauline Edwards: I like how she dress. I applaud her. Hot and sophisticated, but still not revealing. No breast, leg or thigh not showing, enjoy yourself hot mom.

Kemeishagarwood Garwood: Granny, I swear yuh old, but yuh nuh cold at all.Yuh hotter than nuff young girl me see.

Melodean Livingston-Cousley: I have seen this lady several times on the road ... And she HOT BAD.

STAR of the Month: Love&Relationships with Tanto (Published Tuesday, March 15, 2016)

Our followers had a 'real rich' time with this one. They simply love Tanto Blacks.

Corderro Griffiths: Yow, mi love how dah yute yah just straightforward. Him nuh fraid fi talk di truth. People like him mi have respect for.

Janese Erskine: Bawl yes, because a nuff man a gwaan like dem heart mek out a stone.

Melissa Robinson: Real richhhh. Tanto, if yuh real one more time yuh rich.. Yuh jus up front so wid anything, yuh nuh fraid fi talk the things them. Mi rate yuh youth. #BLESSINGS

Eva Bless Ann Gough: I can't help but to love dah yute yah. The 'real rich' talk have mi a way!!!! Tanto, Gully Bop nuh inna your league.

Fantasia arrives in Jamaica (Published on the STAR Online Thursday, March 18, 2016)

A sense of national pride was evident among our followers when this story was posted.

Marsha Patrice Graham: Wow, tears of joy come to my eyes, and it sad to know we Jamaican can't keep the beauty of it. Keep shining and stop the killing. Jamaica is sweet and nice, God help us.

Michelle Everbless: Welcome to Jamaica, Fantasia. Enjoy every moment of it. You are going to love it. Jamaica to the world, no place like home.

Rita Sterling: Jamaica is really a blessing. We Jamaicans really don't know what we have. Fantasia, I know you are going to enjoy every moment.

Sherlian Dowdie: Welcome, Fantasia, to the best little island on earth, JAMAICA. Eat, drink and be merry. Have yourself a irie time. ONE LOVE!

Sandy Plunkett: Wow, Fantasia is in my beautiful country, Jamaica. Girl, you are going to enjoy every moment of it. This is what we like to see, people from all over the world come to our little Inland and enjoy it like they are home.

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