My Confession: A player got played


April 01, 2016

STAR, me a real 'gyallis', enuh, but one time a girl give me the biggest style inna me life. All now me can't believe she really play a player like me.

As me say, I am a real gyallis, so me always have girlfriend all over the place. But there was this one girl wah me really rate. Mi give her 'wife' status, and make sure everybody know say she was wife. Mi did really rate her, and me think she did rate me, too, because she used to do everything fi me. She cook, wash and clean fi me. If me say jump, she ask how high, so me neva think fi a second say she coulda really diss me.

Anyways, we a gwaan strong fi bout three years, and her birthday was coming up so me decide fi give her a really nice gift. She neva been to foreign before so me decide fi make her get a trip. Me pay fi her visa, and she got through. The plan was for her to stay with her cousin for two weeks, then come back a Jamaica.

Afta me pay fi the visa, me buy plane ticket and give har pocket money fi go shopping when she there.

Mi say, STAR, the gal tek me money and go a foreign go find new man and lef me!

Right now di two a dem a get married inna June. Mi see it announce pon Facebook that's why me remember what the gyal do to me. Ah, boy, woman nuh easy, at all. That's why me neva a go wife another gal inna life.

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