How to: Become a member of the library

April 15, 2016

With the advent of the Internet, students rely more and more on the use of search engines to get their assignments done.

The use of material from a library, however, has not become obsolete because teachers still require that students use books and other materials at the library for research. Here is how to apply for membership at a library.

1. Visit any public library and make a request for membership by completing an application form. You will be asked to present a valid photo identification.

2. Applicants without identification must be recommended by a teacher, justice of the peace, minister of religion, police officer or a senior civil servant.

3. Your address must be verified for the application process to be completed. This can be done by producing a current utility bill that has your name and address. If you do not have a current bill, you will be required to complete an address verification form. The form must be completed on your behalf by someone who is qualified to verify your address (categories are listed on the form).

4. After successfully completing the application process, you will be issued with your tickets entitling you to access library programmes and services.

5. As a new member of the library, you will be introduced to the facility and the services offered. The rules and regulations and benefits of membership will also be explained to you.

6. Membership is free of cost.

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