John Bling defends dance with diss song

April 15, 2016
File John Bling

Veteran dancer John Bling is gearing up to release a new song titled 'Live Inna Mi Style'.

The song speaks against intellectual theft and is a message to rival dancers. John Bling, who also is the creator of the popular Tek Weh Yu Self dance move, along with the Black Blingerz crew, told Dancer's Paradise that he does not intend to start a feud.

The song will be released by Konsequence Muziq.

"I decided to do the song because I wanted to be a voice to make the people know that for years they have been copying my style and I want the people to know. I haven't called any names in the song, but from the people dem hear the song, they will know who mi a talk," he said.


John Bling, who is also working as one of the road managers for recording artiste Starface, says he is not looking to establish a career in music with the song.

"I am just going to put it out and probably I do a music video and hope it goes viral, but that is about it. This is not one of the songs that I am aiming to build my career with," he said.

As it relates to his relationship with Konsequence Muziq, the dancer stated that it was a work in progress.

"I was introduced to the label by Byll Gates, and I went to the studio and everything connected. They love the work rate and so right now I am doing some work with them. I am doing a lot of things with promotions and so forth, but I am not sure where the music will take me. But when I get an opportunity, I will record songs," he said.

John Bling recently made his acting debut in the movie Jamaican Mafia, starring Paul Campbell. He is also looking to release new dance moves this year.

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