My Confession: 'Hot gyal' sleeping on cold floor


April 15, 2016

STAR, right now me alright inna life. When me feel like it, me can get me nails done, get me hair done, and go shopping when me want. But it wasn't always like this. Mek me tell you bout weh me a come from.

Back inna the days, I did have this friend. Me and her go through a piece of saga. I have to share it.

She was a bit older than mi and she did live with her man, but him put her put her out of his house, and around the same time, my mother put me out, too. We didn't have anywhere to go and no one to turn to, so we both decide fi rent a room together in a 'big yard'. That's a big tenement yard in the ghetto with nuff different houses in one yard.

When we move in, we neva have anything, just the clothes on our backs, but we neva mek that trouble we. We just clean the floor and turn the door so that nobody nuh know seh nothing nuh inna we place.

A guy wah drive bus did live inna the same yard so him leave him house key wid wi a day time so that we could use him pot and stove to cook, and we leave some of the food fi him. We used to sleep pon him bed a day time. But when night come, we go back ova our empty room go bounce it pon wi floor.

Despite wah wi did a go through, we still did look good and put wiself together. We did a hot gyal a road. When party a keep, we always di deh and look the best. But dem time deh wi haffi a sleep pon floor and

borrow people things.

Mi used to shame fi talk say me did sleep pon cold floor and beg people things, but now, me nuh shame again. Mi come from far, and me give God thanks.

STAR, like me tell you from the start, this is a very long story, so next week, mi give you the rest a the saga.

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