Star of the Month: Razor B: from track star to deejay

April 18, 2016
@Normal:Razor B

After making it known that he's not just a deejay but also a chef, Star of the Month Razor B has made yet another revelation - he was an athlete.

Rewind to several years ago. It was just about time for him to leave for high school. Roger Cassup, as he was only known then, was regarded as a 'fast boy'.

The talent that warranted such proclamation, was realised by many and that earned him a scholarship.

"I got a scholarship to go to St Jago. I ran the 100, 200 and 4x100(m)," he revealed to THE STAR.

"I ran at Gibson Relays and won gold and at Champs (Boys and Girls' Athletic Championships) and won bronze in the 4x100m for Class 3," he added.

He loved winning gold and even now he still fumes, remembering the times he had to settle for bronze.

"I loved running and I loved to win. Second and third place wasn't really my thing, but Calabar and JC always seemed to run in front of me," he recalled.

But a hip injury in the 100m at the championships saw his potential deteriorate as fast as he could win a bronze medal.

"After Class 3 I was basically done. I got a hip injury in the 100m at Champs and that slowed me down," he said.

"I also moved to Canada and it was a different landscape there, so I didn't see track and field as a career," added Razor B.

When asked if he has regrets about his potential track career, his answer was an emphatic yes.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Razor B is well over his hip injury and more, into 'breaking his back'. Perhaps he's not running anymore, but he's certainly making a number of tracks in his current field.

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