STAR of the Month: Razor B big on charity

April 20, 2016
File Our STAR of the Month, Razor B, just had to grab a copy of THE STAR.
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Razor B

For Razor B, his decision to perform charitable acts and eventually start a foundation came during the Christmas season more than 10 years ago.

"I was driving downtown Toronto one Christmas Eve. I saw some people in these bags lying down on the ground. It was very cold and it was snowing. I was there with all these bags in my car driving around and still looking to buy more gifts, so I went home and talked to my family about giving to others because what I saw really touched me," Razor B told THE STAR.

That was Razor B's account of how he started 'Show Us The Way', a foundation that was started over a decade ago to assist the needy with food and other necessities.

He said it was that one experience that inspired him to cook food and prepare sorrel and serve it to persons that same Christmas.

"I draw the kids aside and said, 'since I have the restaurant, I can just cook and we all package the food and go to the poorest communities in Toronto.' They agreed," he said.

He, along with his children and other family members, have been on a roll since then, helping to positively impact the lives of people.

"We brought it here to Jamaica in my community and the kids love it. They love when we give them gifts each year. It is dear to my heart, and I love to see the smiles on the kids' face," he added.

And while he has been helping the needy, Razor B believes this is also helping him to teach his children the act of kindness.

"I am also showing my kids how to deal with people. We are all equal, some of us are fortunate, some are less fortunate, some are more fortunate, but we are all one," he said.

"It has grown a lot over the years. Charity is an amazing thing. I wish more people would help while they can. I love Show Us The Way Foundation, and I just hope that my kids will carry on this legacy after I'm gone."

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