Father stopped supporting daughter at 18 years old


April 22, 2016

A man who was ordered by the court five years ago to maintain his children has stopped giving financial support since last month for the eldest child on the basis that she turned 18 years old and was now an adult.

The father's move is not a surprise to the children's mother because she said she was forced to take him to court for child support.

She said he has told her to her face that he was just dying for their four children to reach the age of 18 so he could get rid of them once and for all. She said it was her belief that he would be proud that his daughter was attending university, but he was not interested in the children's education.

"I cannot believe that a father can be so heartless and cold to his own flesh and blood," she said.


"He knows that I am not a lazy person because I run a small restaurant and I work very hard to help my four children. Their father is a successful businessman, but as far as I can see, he prefers to spend his money on his women.

"We broke up six years ago, and I noticed that after I moved out, for a year, he gave me no child support. I spoke to him several times on the matter, but he paid me no mind.

"Well, I had no choice but to take him to court. He is upset that I took him to court and has been telling my friends that he will never forgive me. I am not seeking his forgiveness. All I want is for him to support his children.

"The children belong to both of us, and I am not going to be like some women who are afraid to take the delinquent fathers to court. The purpose of the court is to give justice where it is deserved, and my children need financial support from their father.

"I called him last week and told him that I did not see the reason why he stopped supporting his daughter. He told me she was 18 and was of an age to support herself. I asked him if he did not want her to further her education so she could have a good profession, and he said he was not interested.

"My sister is encouraging me to take him back to court over the issue, and I am really thinking about it."

The Maintenance Act makes provision for parents to support a child up to age 23 if the child is attending a tertiary institution. The judge can extend the order, but you have to bring documentation to the court to show that your daughter is attending university.

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