How to: Importing a motor vehicle

April 22, 2016
Imported used cars on a dealer's lot.

Many Jamaicans, in the search of their dream vehicle, look abroad to source the perfect motor vehicle that fits the bill. Here is how to import a vehicle to Jamaica:

1. An import licence must be acquired from the Trade Board before arrangements are made for the shipping of the vehicle to Jamaica.

2. The individual should also acquire the services of a customs broker to import the vehicle.

3. The title, which is the document issued to the owner of the vehicle by the Government of the country where the vehicle was purchased, is another document needed in the process.

4. The bill of lading/order should be obtained from the shipping agent, with details about the vehicle, the date it came to the island and the port of entry.

5. An invoice from the supplier is also required, as well as a bill of sight, which has the details of the motor vehicle. It is prepared and signed by the broker and certified by Jamaica Customs.

6. The Tax Compliance Certificate is also required and can be obtained from Tax Administration Jamaica.

7. An import entry form (C87), which is the primary import document bearing all the particulars of the motor vehicle, including the name of the importer, shipping information and the duties, are on this document. Only a licensed customs broker should complete this form and submit it to Customs.

8. There are age limits for different categories of motor vehicles that can be imported. For pickups, the age limit is six years. The limit for motor cars is five years, while the age limit for trucks, trailers and other heavy-duty equipment is 10 years.

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