Real Talk: Catching up with Double X

April 28, 2016
@Normal:Double X

You may know him as Flexx from the group TOK but now he calls himself Double X. Welcome back my Real Talk fam, to another exciting week. I decided to catch up with Double X to see how business has been since he exited the group and decided to roll solo. But you know I still had to ask some of my favourite questions.

Renee: What kind of father are you?

Double X: I am a father of one. I have a son. At first when he was just born, I was more strict because I didn't know what to expect. I wanted to be more protective. Now, I want to be not only a father to him but a friend. I am the kind that will play football with him, play games but at the same time I want him to be able to tell me anything. The strict aspect haffi come een still cause me nah go mek him run careless

Renee: What is your most memorable daddy moment to date?

Double X: When he was just born. I went to the screen to look over where all the babies were and for some reason they told me that was him and when I looked at him, he put up one finger as though he was waving exactly to me and that's a moment, I never forget.

Renee: What is the relationship like between you and the members of TOK now?

Double X: It's mostly business right now. When I left the group we had shows that were confirmed already. So a lot of things come up financially that we have to clear up. A part from that it's not like it used to be where we used to try and talk to each other every day. Since the whole thing, I talk to Alex more than everyone else. He reached out to me and I reach out to him. Everybody else is just business.

Renee: Have you ever harboured regrets regarding the decision that you have taken?

Double X: Well, TOK is loved by a lot of people all across the world. Even today a man see me and say 'Yow oonu fi link up enuh, oonu a icon'. But at the end of the day, I'm aware of that and it was not an overnight decision. It took me a while to make that decision. I realised that I was trying to work in a situation where everybody else is just doing their own thing and not putting in the same amount of effort. That was making me unhappy and I had to do something about that.

Renee: What has the reception been like since going solo?

Double X: I started out slow but it is actually picking up. People see that it is not a joke thing. When I just put out Get The Money, which was the first single after leaving the group, a lot of people looked on because they thought it was a publicity stunt. I'm doing work with UIM and Seanizzle. I have a single to be released very soon with Safaree and Chin Chin. I have a lot of things to put out, I just want people to listen to them with an unbiased mind, dem must like it.

Great. So now that we're clear on TOK and solo issues, next week we'll get down into some personal details on Double X. Until then, keep it real!

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