My Confession: I put hot pepper in my sister's make-up

April 29, 2016

STAR, my mother has three of us, girls. My big sister is 30, I'm 25, and my little sister is 17.

She grew us up to be close to each other so we normally share everything. Whenever we need to borrow, clothes, shoes, anything, we would just take it without asking for it to be returned.

That kind of sharing had its advantages because, we all had access to each others things. We used to love doing the borrowing, but we neva like when things get borrowed from us.

It always used to cause problem, but the most we ever did was cuss and gwaan bad, and that was the end of it.

But, one day, my big sister missed some money from her draw and she swear say a me tek it because me did borrow her blouse from outta the same draw!

She get so angry that she nuh ask no question, she just run come inna my room come and start shout seh, "Hey gyal weh mi money deh? Mi want it right now"!

A who tell me fi go give her feisty answer bout, "come tek it nuh!"

She give me one tump inna me jaw bone. All now me mouth hurt me when me think bout it. The same day me little sister say a she did borrow the money and she gave it back. Mi big sister not even come tell me sorry fi tump me inna me mouth.

So me decide say me affi go hurt har back, but she big inna body so couldn't fight her. Later in the night, me realise say she buy some new make-up. It look like a dat she did want the money fa.

Me just take dem out and rub some hot pepper pon her lipstick, eyeliner, powder brush, and everything else weh she did buy.

Next morning me only hear when she scream out and start bawl. When me run go look pon her, the whole face swell up and red, and her eye dem a run water.

She say the make-up a burn her. Me just say, "You mussi allergic to it."

Up to this day she fraid fi use a certain brand make-up because she believe she allergic to it, fi true.

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