Hundreds say bye to Jennoy Stanley

April 30, 2016
George Henry Pall bearers and mourners braving showers to take the coffin with Jennoy Stanley's body to its final resting place.

The Fearon Full Truth Church of God Deliverance Centre, at Sanguinetti, Clarendon, was almost bursting at the seams on Saturday, April 23, when mourners from near and far, young and old, braved the showers to pay their last respects to Spalding High School student, Jennoy Stanley.

Stanley, who surrendered his life to God at age nine, was sent home with glowing tributes. Almost everyone who spoke said the same things about one who was seen as a faithful human to the Lord Jesus Christ and humanity.

Sister C Pryce, in her tribute, said Stanley was a good ambassador for Jesus, one who spoke like a mature man, and who started to preach the Gospel at age 12. She said Jennoy was small in stature but was a giant for Christ.

Novelette Dyer, who was close to Stanley, said he was a special person to her, as he was like her son. Dyer shared that Jennoy always gave her a present on Mother's Day and was known for his ability to share the word of God with others.

Marcardo Rowe, a teacher at Spalding High School where Stanley spent five years and two terms, said he was one of the most determined students he had ever met. Rowe added that he was articulate, and his parents did well raising him.

Other teachers described Stanley as a model student among the hundreds at Spalding High. Jennoy was also described as a student who maintained a sense of purpose and a positive outlook on life.

"This late student was most sociable. He socialised with almost everyone, be they students or teachers. He was a prayer warrior and one who could be relied on to share the Word of God, timely and passionately. His teachers saw him as a team player, who was very supportive of school and class activities," said another of his teachers.

Bishop Arthur Brown who delivered the sermon, and who knew Stanley while he was vice principal at Spalding High School, described him as an outstanding young man. Bishop Brown noted that he was a student who knew what he wanted.

"Jennoy always wanted to serve as a prefect. He served and was outstanding at doing so. He died with a good name," said Brown.

In her remembrance, Jennoy's mother, Jacqueline Nelson, said he was a wonderful child who was most adorable.

"He was an energetic child who tried everything. He had a love for football and fast cars, and was always involved in the work of God. Jennoy was always ready to take instructions and he followed the leading of the Lord. He always gave us presents, especially when it was Mother's Day and Father's Day. He was a kind son and brother," remembered Nelson.

Jennoy, who also attended Doris Easy Basic and Spalding Primary schools in Clarendon, was remembered as a singer, preacher and mentor. He was said to be a soft-spoken individual, who lived an exemplary life at home, church and school. He graduated from Spalding High School in 2015 with honours and was successful in six of seven Caribbean Secondary Examination Council subjects. He wanted to be a medical doctor and a pastor.

Jennoy was only 18 but his life touched scores, before he went home to be with the Lord on March 30. Following the thanksgiving service, his body was interred at the family plot Fearon, Clarendon.


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