Real Talk: Chi Ching Ching keeps it sincere

May 12, 2016
Rudolph Brown/Photographer STAR of the Month Chi Ching Ching
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Chi Ching Ching
Rudolph Brown/Photographer STAR of the Month Chi Ching Ching


Right now, to how Real Talk hot, if it pass a breadfruit tree, every breadfruit roast (LOL). Welcome back to another exciting week of Real Talk. My guest this week is 'Mr Roast or Fry', our STAR of the Month, Chi Ching Ching.

We invaded his community and questioned him about fatherhood and relationships. He certainly kept it real.

Renee: What kind of father are you?

Chi Ching Ching: I'm the kind of dad that do what's best for my kids. If them ask me to go somewhere, and I think that's not a suitable place for them, I don't let them go. I'm not going to say they shouldn't go anywhere at all because me want them fi know wah gwaan inna the world. You get weh me a say? Yeah.

Renee: What is your most memorable 'daddy moment' to date?

Chi Ching Ching: When me see me first son teeth. Me a say, 'yow, di man really a grow teeth already.' You know yuh get yuh first yute and yuh jus wake up and see him wid teeth.

Renee: Are you married, committed, divorced or widowed?

Chi Ching Ching: I have a girlfriend right now and she is the girl me a go marry, so you know Chi Ching focused on a relationship right now.

Renee: What kind of boyfriend are you?

Chi Ching Ching: I'm not jealous. From me know my woman, me no need fi jealous. Me and her a like best friend. We do every little thing together. We cool. We understand each other. We're cruising right now.

Renee: What qualities do you look for in a girlfriend?

Chi Ching Ching: You can't just look pon a girl and say that's your girl. You have to get to know her in the first place. I like a caring girl. It nuh mek no sense you in a relationship and the person don't care about you. You send her go shopping and she not even buy a t-Shirt or merino fi yuh. Me know dem when me see dem.

Renee: With popularity, you undoubtedly get a lot of female attention, how do you manage to keep them at bay?

Chi Ching Ching: At the end of the day, Chi Ching Ching is loving with the ladies enuh. So more while when dem push demself on me, me just friend roll it and keep dem as me fans. Anywhere me a go, me invite dem. Me mek dem know me have a girlfriend. Most times dem don't really know me, dem jus love me fi di artiste ting.

Ok peeps, I leave you here for this week. You can watch the video on the STAR's website,, or YouTube channel. Be sure to look out for part two of the Chi Ching Ching interview. Until then, keep it real!

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