My Confession: I wanted her to die so I could take her baby


May 13, 2016

STAR, seven years ago I found out that I couldn't get pregnant. When I got the news, it neva really affected me because I was very young and pickney was the last thing on my mind. I had just started my job, and I didn't have a steady man, so mi did a focus on making life for myself.

Anyways, me settled in my job now and I have a good man in my life. Everything is alright, except that he would love to start a family, but I can't have a child of my own.

To make matters worse, one of his ex-girlfriends recently have a baby boy and made him the godfather, so he started spending a lot of time with her because he loves babies. But I neva want to run the risk of losing my man to his ex-woman, so mi mek sure go with him every time him visit her and the baby.

Mi say, STAR, the gyal don't know how fi handle the baby. Suppose you see how she handle the newborn baby, rough, like is a big rusty man she a deal with! She tek him up with one hand, make him head a swing all ova the place, like it about to pop off.

Mi affi take the baby and show her how to hold him properly, but she tek offence and give mi attitude.

Nuff time me follow me boyfriend when him go look fi the baby and me see some foolishness wah she do, but mi just bite mi tongue. .

But, last month, me couldn't hold me tongue. Mi notice from around midday say the baby doodo and start bawl. She do like she nuh hear the pickney a scream pon top of him lungs, so mi boyfriend ask if she nah change him. She say she tired, and so she a guh wait till the father come from work in the evening!

To how me shock mi just blurt out, "You is a wicked gyal! You no deserve pickney!". Mi jus' lef di yaad.

Mi go home go cry cause mi well want pickney and she have one and a treat him bad. Mi start wish she dead, so I could take the baby, but I know those thoughts came out of anger.

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