I don't walk with gunmen - Chi Ching Ching

May 17, 2016
Contributed Chi Ching Ching
Contributed Chi Ching Ching

STAR of the Month Chi Ching Ching might be spotted at events with an entourage, but the artiste insists that he is a man of peace.

According to Breadfruit singer, his associates are not bad men, and he does not seek to intimidate fans.

"If you see me in the streets, people are eventually going to walk with me, and I can't tell them don't walk with Ching. Sometimes when artiste going out, it is good to walk with people, but not really for security purposes because mi nuh walk wid bad people or gunman. I associate with all types of people, but not gunmen," Chi Ching Ching told THE STAR. "I don't say, 'Hey, mi a guh pon the road, rise up hundred guns.' Nooooo! I have people who work at the bank, public service, all bout. They just want to go out and have a good time and know that Chi Ching Ching will be performing."

The artiste also said that sometimes his dancers may be mistaken for an entourage, but he says they are also professionals in their own right.

"You will see me with 13, 14, 15 dancers. It's not for the hype. It's just people who want to reach somewhere in life - people like Shakesphere, Cool Kidd, and nuff more dancers," said the artiste, who is signed to Popcaan's label, Unruly Entertainment.

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