How to: How to become a registered vendor

May 20, 2016

Vending is a popular form of employment across Jamaica. However, not a lot of vendors are aware of the process to legally sell on Jamaica's roads and inside markets. Here is how to become a registered vendor in Jamaica:

Applicants are required to present a Tax Registration Number, a recent photograph and valid ID to they local parish -council office.

The registration process takes one day. The identification card is processed within two weeks. Identification cards are done by the Electoral Office of Jamaica .

The are different costs to register for vending.

These include:

1. To vend in markets and arcades is $3,000.

2. To vend in off-street annexes is $5,000.

3. Vending on street vending areas is $6,000.

4. To vend in a specially designated areas is $6,000.

6. To apply for a space in the market, contact the manager of the market.

6. The processing for vending space takes place in the manager's office, where the application form is filled out.

7. There are approved vending areas in each parish. This information can be attained at the local parish council.

8. Monitoring of the registration process is done on a weekly basis so persons with queries or complainants can formally issue their concerns to the relevant authorities.

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