Indicator dance goes Viral

May 20, 2016
Danger (foreground) and deejay Spice.

Dancehall queen Danger is basking in the success of her latest dance move titled Indicator. The dance, which involves the upward and downward movement of the female butt, has gone viral on social media, boosted by the promotion of ZJ Sparks and Spice.

As is now customary in the dance community, other dancers have already claimed that they were the original creators of the Indicator. However, a seemingly humble Danger told Dancers Paradise that whosoever wants to claim the dance could have it.

"My sister and I have been doing that dance for years. However, while in Europe, Spice said she had a new song and she wanted a dance for it. I showed her the move and she said she liked it, and at the time we had called it Knapsack. But when Spice did the song, it didn't really fit properly, so we found a new name with the help of a DJ in Montego Bay, and that is how Indicator came into the mix. We are not here to argue with people over dance, so right now we just say we endorse it since dancers a sey a dem mek it," she said.

Danger, who has been touring with Spice over the past month, said Indicator is now a fan favourite.

"The dance is popular and the industry loves it. It is not an easy dance if you don't have a 'bumpa', but people are always up for the challenge and have been uploading self-made videos on social media. ZJ Sparks produced the Spice song, and so she has assisted with promotion on her social media page and basically everybody who shares the Indicator move helps to promote it," she said.

The dancer also said her main aim is to make her future dances, simple. "We have some new dances, but we are fine-tuning them so that people can catch on easier. Successful dances are generally the simple ones," she said. The Indicator music video will feature dances from Dance Xpressionz and Swa Twins.

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