My Confession: Hot girl having sex with crippled man for money

May 20, 2016

Mi say, STAR, mi have to share this one with you! Nuff a them gyal deh wha a walk 'round the place and gwaan like them nice, dem a live some very low life. You wouldn't believe what some a them do fi get money and live hype life.

This girl inna me community, name Marsha*, is the perfect example. The gyal a real browning with nice long hair, like Indian.

She always look good and put herself together when she a go out. Mi did see her as a very respectable girl.

When mi, as a young man, a call to har, she skin up her nose like she better than mi, but a later on mi get fi find out say a because mi did broke mek she wouldn't look pon me.

Anyways, to cut long story short, a likkle man live inna the community, name Herbert. Him two foot dem did bruck sometime ago and it neva heal properly so them twist up bad. Him can hardly walk and him no really have anybody fi take care of him, so more time him no bathe or take care of himself. Only person him have is a sister wha live a foreign. She send money fi him sometimes.

My grandmother always sorry fi people inna the community and try help, all when she no have it. So one day she cook soup, and it did nuff bad, so she send me go give Herbert some.

Normally Herbert woulda sit down pon him verandah, but when me reach me no see him. Mi figure say him might gone lie down, so mi decide fi go knock pon the side window and tell him say mama send soup.

Lord, Jesus! When me go to the window, guess who that me see pon top of poor ben-up foot Herbert! Nuh Marsha! Mi say, "Yes Marsha! Mi ketch you! Mi ago tell everybody inna the community now!" She jump oofa Herbet and come a the window and say, "What you want? Some a the sex or some a the money?"

Mi tell her say she affi give me the two a them fi me no talk. She give me $2,000 and say a only $4,000 Herbet give her this evening. Mi take and and take some a the sex too! But me still walk and tell everybody me know say Marsha have sex with ben-up foot Herbert.

*Names changed

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