Anita, Dwayne say 'I do'.

May 21, 2016
George Henry Mr and Mrs Johnson kissing in the public at their picture taking moments.
George Henry Mr and Mrs Johnson and members of the bridal party.
George Henry The newlyweds marching down the aisle following their wedding ceremony.

White chairs, decorated with orange ribbons, under healthy-looking almond trees; a red carpet spread between two sets of white chairs; a white coloured gazebo, decorated with orange, yellow and gold material; and the almost 100 well-dressed guests decked in a multiplicity of bright coloured outfits.

This contributed to the ambience at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville, Manchester, at the wedding of Anita Vernon and Dwayne Johnson on Saturday, May 7.

It was a day both will remember, especially Johnson, as his dad, the Reverend Dr Donald Johnson, was the marriage officer.

The ceremony started when members of the bridal party marched towards the front of the gazebo to face Reverend Johnson and awaited the entrance of Anita, who was dressed in the traditional white wedding gown.

When she marched halfway up the aisle she was met by a smiling groom, smartly dressed in his dark-grey suit and orange bow tie.

Reverend Johnson proceeded to ask if there was anyone who had any reason to suggest why the two should not be married, to speak or hold their peace. No one came forward.

After exchanging vows, Reverend Johnson asked for the rings and had them blessed. He said the rings represented a symbol of the love and commitment the couple have for each other. The rings were on their fingers and they were pronounced man and wife to cheers from the many guests.

"Marriage is honourable and the lifestyle should be honourable. Establish a good relationship with Christ, communicate with each other, forgive at all times and, Dwayne, you should touch your wife eight to 10 times each day," recommended Reverend Johnson.

The couple was prayed for before the sand ceremony, followed by the signing of the marriage register.

During the signing, guests were entertained by songbird Carolyn Lewis-Fennell. At the end, the new Mr and Mrs Johnson marched from the venue to their picture-taking moments, before the reception.

At the reception, Dwayne told the many guests he was appreciative of their attendance.

He added that the ceremony was a success and promised to take very good care of his new wife. He also thanked his wife's parents for their consent to the union.


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