God always protects his people

May 21, 2016
George Henry Pastor Marcia Dyer
George Henry Pastor Marcia Dyer

Everyone should have a testimony about the goodness of God. Pastor Marcia Dyer of the Alpha and Omega Deliverance Centre, White Shop, Clarendon, shares her story

The Bible tells us that the Lord promises to protect His people when they go out and when they come in Pastor Dyer can identify with this assurance.

Dyer, saved for the last 16 years, testified that she was travelling to church one Sunday morning in February 2015, when her vehicle experienced a serious skid.

"I approached a corner when the van started to skid as a result of an oil spill. The van got out of control, spun several times and landed in a tree. When it hit the tree, the front was totally written off. The bonnet, bumper and everything were so badly damaged," Dyer recalled.

She revealled how she, her two children and another passenger came out of the wreckage alive, a miracle, due only to the mercy and protection of God. They all escaped injuries.

"We all came out without a scratch; my kids were all okay, and when we went to the doctor and were examined, the results showed that everything was all right.

"This tells us that God is still covering His children, in spite of what the enemy wants to do to us. We are comprehensively covered by the Holy Ghost and the Blood of Jesus Christ," testified Dyer.

Dyer, who also witnessed miracles in the life of others, said she was at church one day when a man, who was very sick, was taken there to be prayed for.

"He was so sick and was not eating anything. He was packed [filled] with demons. I laid my hands on him and prayed and the demons started to come out of him.

"He fell on the floor and started to move like a snake. He started crying out and demons started to cry-out as well," Pastor Dyer shared.

She said after she prayed for the man, instantaneously he was delivered and started vomiting. When he was through, the pastor said he started asking for food, having not eaten for 11 days.

"We gave him some soup and when he drank off the first cup he asked for more," said Dyer.

She wants all to know that there is nothing impossible for God, because He is a deliverer. Dyer also pointed out that prayer changes things.

She wants all to understand that if we pray and put our trust in God, while lifting our faith, He will see us through every situation, despite how difficult they may appear.

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