Poverty hindered my education - Chi Ching Ching

May 26, 2016
Contributed Chi Ching Ching

Dancehall artiste/dancer Chi Ching Ching can read and write. However, the deejay said he would have performed better in school had his parents been able to finance his education.

According to the artiste who attended the Mountain View Basic, Golden Spring Primary and Papine Comprehensive High schools, life was not a bed of roses.

"I got a job pushing hand truck downtown Kingston right after finishing school. After awhile, they lost a sales rep at the place I was working and they gave me the sales rep job. I never graduated from school, but they gave me a certificate to show that I attended the school. My name was never picked for the medal that youth get for leaving school because I went to school too bad," he said.

Despite his not-so-positive school experience, Chi Ching Ching said he was not a bad student.

"Mi used to go late and mi face used to white wid the cake soap, but mi used to know mi thing, but the situation at my house wasn't conducive to proper schooling. Mi used to live bad as a juvenile, so it did rough pon mi when mi a go a school. More time mi father can't even find a dollar fi mi go a school," he said.

Chi Ching Ching also said he always loved music as a student and could sing songs by popular artistes like Spragga Benz.

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