Real Talk: Jo Mersa Marley tells all about romance, family

May 26, 2016
Jo Mersa Marley
Errol Crosby Jo Mersa Marley looks at the murial of the Marley's generation at the Bob Marley Museum.
Errol Crosby Jo Mersa Marley, grandson of Bob Marley.

Real Talk:

Jo Mersa Marley tells all about romance, family

So, my Real Talk family, this is probably the most interesting Real Talk interview I've ever done. With that said, welcome, welcome, welcome. How well do you know the Marleys? I sat down with one of Bob Marley's grandsons, Jo Mersa Marley, who is the eldest son of Stephen Marley, and he answered questions you don't necessarily hear every day. Here is a more personal look into the life of a legend's kin.

Renee: What kind of father are you?

Jo Mersa Marley: Right now, I'm just a concerned father. She is three months old and me just waan mek sure seh she get all the proper nutrients and protection that she needs.

Renee: What is your most memorable 'daddy moment' to date?

Jo Mersa Marley: When she was born, a di best moment that. I won't forget that moment. Watching the whole child birth process of her leaving her mother's womb, watching the life that is brought into her, that is the most memorable moment.

Renee: What is your relationship status right now?

Jo Mersa Marley: Ahhhmm, the status right now. Wah kinda question dat man? Right now, me and me empress a par.

Renee: What qualities do you look for in an empress?

Jo Mersa Marley: A righteous woman. A woman who takes care of herself and keeps herself as a queen. In that sense, a king can treat her as a queen as well.

Renee: We know you are a conscious artiste, but are you a romantic person at heart?

Jo Mersa Marley: Yeah, I guess. I don't know, full stop. (Laughs). I try to be a romantic person. Sheeesh!!!

Renee: Do you have any traits of your granddad?

Jo Mersa Marley: Of course. It is usually pointed out to me. The way we walk, the way we talk, everything. It's brought down from generation to generation. I mean, I have the traits of my father, and my father has the traits of his, and so forth.

Renee: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jo Mersa Marley: Only the Most High can decide that for I and I. Me just a trod life. The only goal I have right now is taking care of my family, my daughter, spreading positivity, and doing conscious music. That is the only goal right now.

Can you tell it was an interesting day? Me too. By the way, he does talk like his grandfather. Next week, I will wrap up my interview with Jo Mersa Marley, and we'll be talking mainly about music. Until then, keep it real.

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