The Lord healed me twice! - Minister says God saved her from the surgeon's knife

June 04, 2016
George Henry Dr Koreen Duncan

- Minister says God saved her from surgeon's knife

In 2004, Minister Dr Koreen Duncan stepped out of an elevator onto a wet floor and slipped. She said there was no sign to warn that the floor was wet and she injured herself badly.

"My neck went back and forward. I was also injured in the cervical spine and the lumbar area and had to be at home for nine months. My mother had to get a special bed for me to sleep on. I was in a curved position. I had to do therapy for a while. They thought I was going to be crippled," said Duncan.

She testified that prayer changed her life for the better. As she and others, including members of her family, sent prayers to God Almighty and He laid His hands on her, preventing her from doing a suggested surgery. She was healed by her Maker's hands. Today, Duncan said she is more in love with her Healer.


The churchwoman testified that after she received her miraculous healing from her Creator, she was involved in a motor-vehicle accident. A teenager was driving a motorcar which slammed into her vehicle.

"When the vehicle hit mine, my car made a 360-degrees spin. I reinjured the cervical spine and the lumbar area. I was taken to the hospital and when I was treated my left side was numb.

"I told the doctors that I would have had to consult with my Father before any documents can be signed, should I have to do any surgery," recalled Duncan.

She said members of her church choir visited her in hospital one Sunday evening and prayed with her.

"One member of the choir told me that the Lord told her to tell me that, 'I am the Lord that healeth thee. I send my word to heal your disease and I am going to deliver you'. I told the doctors the following day that my Father (God) said He is the one that is going to heal me. They thought I was crazy. They looked at me and said, 'lady, one side of you don't have any life'. I looked at them and repeated what God said," Duncan pointed out.

She was discharged from hospital and given medication to take with her. She said that she felt excruciating pain thereafter.

"I went before the altar and I told God that He said that he was the only one who could deliver me. God touched my body and I did not have to go to any doctor for any surgery again.

'The hands of God delivered me once more. If God says He is going to heal you, it is going to happen," she testified.

Duncan, a minister at the Refuge Temple Ministries at Myersville, St Elizabeth, has been a born-again Christian since 1978.


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