Baby Kalisha dedicated to God

June 18, 2016
George Henry Young mother Amy Nicola Salmon, holds her baby daughter Kalisha and listens attentively to Bishop Donald Dawson's instructions along with her baby father Garth Higgins (left) and the baby's godmother Yvonne Anderson (right). They are supported by officers of the church in the background.

There is always a feeling of joy before and after parents take their children to church to be dedicated to God.

For young parents Amy Nicola Salmon and Garth Alrick Higgins, who brought their daughter, Kalisha Higgins, to Bishop Donald Dawson of the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God to be christened on Sunday, June 5, it was no different.

The young mother told THE STAR's 'Life and Times' that she was very elated that her baby daughter was christened.

"I felt so good after she was christened. I am happy to know she is going to be God's child, and I am going to keep sending her to church. I am also going to sit with her, read the Bible to her and praise God while I teach her about the Lord," promised Salmon.

The mother said she has been praying to the Lord for Him to keep little Kalisha safe, and to guide her (baby) as she gives her to Him.

She said her offspring loves to smile. Whenever she looks at her, she smiles to herself and says she is real cute. The mother added that Kalisha's father spends a lot of time with his baby, add that he is a great father, though he might be young.

"Kalisha is a brilliant baby. She knows her grandmother very well. She talks, laughs and plays with her grandmother. She is, indeed, a brilliant baby girl, even though she is just two months and three weeks old, and looking big for her age. She is just so friendly and sweet," said Salmon with a smile.

Praying God's blessings on the little girl, Bishop Dawson called on God to allow the Holy Spirit to be her guide for the rest of her life. He begged God to cover her under His wings, just as how hens cover their chickens under their wings; and that His blessings will be upon her forever.

Bishop Dawson prayed for God to dispatch angels in Kalisha's home to cover her bed, stand at windows and doors, and that she will be a blessing to her parents.

"I pray Lord that you will provide for them so that they will be able to provide adequately for their child. Father I ask you to bind up every grandma curse, every grandpa curse, wherever the curse may come from, right now, in the name of Jesus, we break it off. No sickness will not come upon this child. We bind madness, we bind sickness and diseases, we declare a Holy Ghost cleansing, a Holy Ghost anointing, a Holy Ghost deliverance upon this child in the name of Jesus," prayed Dawson.

Dawson instructed the parents to provide a Christian home and a Godly environment for their daughter, see to it that as soon as she is able to learn the Christian faith and the nature of the Christian life, that she is trained to give reverend attendance to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, and is led to the love of God.

The parents pledged to bring up Kalisha in the fear of the Lord and set before her examples of a Godly and consistent life.

Kalisha, who weighed 2.54 kilograms when she was born at the Percy Junor Hospital in Manchester on March 20, 2016, was the fifth baby to be christened at the Sanguinetti New Testament Church since the start of this year. Last year, nine babies were christened at the church.


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