In The Kitchen: Yanique shows off her cooking skills

June 21, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photograher Yanique seemed quite at home as she prepared the shrimp.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher The finished dish
Patrick Planter/ Photograher Yanique was quite animated as STAR's Renee Deleon expresses her approval of the meal.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher The oven was useful in the preparation of the jerk salmon.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher The salmon was covered in jerk seasoning.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher She added flavour to her irish potatoes with pieces of scallion.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher Yanique preps the salmon.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher Yanique prepares shrimp for her dish.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher Her face told the story. Yanique got down to some serious business in the kitchen.
Patrick Planter/ Photograher Yanique is very observant as STAR's social media coordinator, Renee Deleon, (seated) gets a taste of the dish.

Call her the curvy cook.

"I love to cook and I love to cater," said Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett.

This was not hard to believe as the food looked mouth watering and the presentation resembled something that one would probably see in a magazine or on the Food Network.

Jerked salmon, shrimp pasta, and boiled corn with condensed milk and cinnamon powder was what she prepared. While admitting that she is a salmon expert, Barrett told THE STAR that this was her first time doing jerked salmon.

"Unuh bring unuh Pepto (pepto-bismol)? A fi unuh belly, enuh," she said, laughing. "While I'm cooking, I'm thinking because I've never done jerked salmon before, but from you can cook, you can cook."

After gently navigating her way through removing the scales from her salmon, she prepared her seasonings. She seasoned her salmon, and in no time, the slices were in the oven while her potatoes were being boiled.

By this time, she drew for her shrimp from B&D Trawling, which she later sauteed by flipping the pot like only an expert could.

After testing and tasting, Barrett's meal was ready. Drawing on some culinary skills from high school, she served a very attractive dish.

"This is curvy delight. I hope you like it," she said, waiting for a reaction.

The consensus was that the 'Curvy Diva' can certainly cook. The mother and media personality can now add chef to her repertoire.

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