OvaMarz aims for the summer

June 24, 2016
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Veteran dancer OvaMarz, is promoting a new dance this summer, Show Dem Up. He will also be releasing a single in support of the dance.

"It's a dance weh universal and the name is catchy and can be used in any aspect because people can relate to it," he said.

OvaMarz has hits under his belt including Nuh Linga and Raging Bull. He hopes the choreography will be easy to learn.

"It is simple for me but I am OvaMarz so it might not be the same experience for a regular person. I think it is relatively easy to catch because it's just a bounce with a flow and pushing out the feet to the beat. Simple hand movements and foot moves," he told Dancer's Paradise.

Dancehall has been dominated in recent times by dancers who have successfully become recording artistes. However, OvaMarz believes he will achieve success with the Show Dem Up dance move since he has a reputation for creating hits.

"The competition was stiffer to break a dance back in the day but now it is easier to break a dance because people are mostly focused on workshops.

This dance will become a hit because I know how to make hit dances same like how Bob Marley know how to make hit songs. Memba a me seh Nuh Linga and Usain Bolt tek that to the world," he said.

The dancer also plans to take a more professional approach to his career, highlighting that Jamaicans tend to focus on hype instead of building a lasting brand.

"My name is a brand so whatever I put on the main stage people will support it. I don't feel threatened by more commercial dancers because my work always stand out, and once you do something you know that you have the ability to do it again.

I want to know that, years to come, I have a strong, successful business to support me, and that is what I am focused on achieving," he said.

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