Courtney Carnegie laid to rest

June 25, 2016
George Henry Terry-Ann Gayle-Birthright stands beside the box with the urn of her uncle Courtney Carnegie, and a portrait of him, after the thanksgiving service.
George Henry Carnegie during his younger years.

Courtney Carnegie was a well-loved resident of Sanguinetti, Clarendon.

When he was murdered in St Ann, April 23, his death sent shock waves throughout many sections of Jamaica, particularly Clarendon, as well as other parts of the world. He once worked in the tourism sector and would have known many visitors.

The St Luke's Anglican Church in his community, Sanguinetti, was packed to capacity. Scores of mourners spilled over into the yard, as they turned out to pay their last respects to Carnegie on Saturday June 11.

He was remembered by Reverend Charles Danvers as a man who was most diligent to church, family, community and elsewhere.

"Courtney was not just a good father, brother or son. He was a good man. He was an industrious individual who used wisdom in whatever he did," said Reverend Danvers.

The pastor asked mourners to breathe a word of prayer for those 'bastards' who took his life.

"I do not mean that you should pray any bad prayer for them, pray for them so that they will get to know the Good shepherd. Kill them with love," preached Danvers.

Mrs R Lawrence told mourners, during the delivery of the eulogy, that Carnegie was nurtured and baptised in that church and was vocal and valuable.

"Courtney was a member who contributed with his experience. He always had very good ideas, which he used to better the church, especially when it came on to when flowers were involved.

His experience as a florist was always good. He had a passion for flowers. He was kind and his generosity knew no bounds. He was willing to do whatever was needed to be done at his church. His flame has been extinguished by those who took his life," said Lawrence.

Carnegie was born July 26, 1956, to Eli and Suzan Carnegie in Sanguinetti. His early education started at Sanguinetti Primary School, then Edwin Allen and Holmwood high schools.

His tertiary education was accessed at Hocking Technical College and Franklin University in the USA.

He was described as a man who had exceptional taste. Those who knew him described him as one who was always tastefully dressed, who loved well- designed and stately furnishings and fittings in his home and surroundings.

The deceased was described on the programme, put together for the thanksgiving service, as a man who enjoyed spending quality time with his family. To that effect, he was integrally involved in the planning of Christmas and Boxing Day dinners, or any occasion which would bring family members together.

Carnegie's many passions included cooking, reading, listening to music, watching movies, gardening, his family and art.

He was regarded as an exceptional artist so much that his first job was that of an art teacher at Sam Sharpe Teachers College in Montego Bay, St James then Marcus Garvey Technical High School in St Ann.

Following the thanksgiving service, his urn was taken from the church in a most attractive and well-designed wooden box, by members of his family, to a special place of rest at his home in Sanguinetti. He is survived by his father, two children, four brothers, three sisters, other relatives and special friends.


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