Real Talk : KipRich talks business ventures and music

July 07, 2016

My Real Talk fam, welcome back. Remember I promised to wrap up my interview with Kiprich? Well, this is it. This week he answers questions on business ventures and music.

Renee: What would you say is your greatest achievement to date?

KipRich: The greatest achievement would definitely be music because it's something I have a passion for from a tender age. I've always wanted to be in the business, so being in the business is a great achievement for me.

Renee: Where do you see yourself in five years?

KipRich: Still doing music and other business ventures, I love businesses. So in five years I see myself opening some other businesses and still doing music and making great music. I also want to improve on making and delivering on shows same way. It's a learning process every day.


Renee: What are some of your business ventures?

KipRich: Well some a dem work, some nuh work (laughs). I had a truck one of the time, a big 10-wheeler truck. The driver messed that up, that never work. Fail right there. I had a bus on the road, some things went wrong that never work (laughs). What I have up now is a little restaurant, I have some work to do on that too. That's what is running right now. One here and one in the country.

Renee: Who are you listening to right now?

KipRich: My playlist right now, you know say the other day, me a listen some of the Justin Bieber dem, weh dem a fuse di dancehall ting wid dem ting? It draw me attention. Rihanna do it to the other day. Me listen some a Drake things dem. Me always listen Mariah Carey, kinda weird but me always listen Mariah Carey still.

Renee: Are you comfortable with where you are in life and music?

KipRich: No, I'm not comfortable but I do give thanks. To know where I'm coming from and where I'm at right now, I do give thanks for that but I wouldn't say I'm comfortable. I have a lot more to achieve same way and you know time going fast so I have to look at it that I have a lot to achieve and it is a short time in that space. I still have to be working hard because I'm not comfortable where I'm at, at the moment. The goal that I set out for myself in music, I don't reach there yet because I hope to break new grounds with my music and it is still in the process same way. I'm still working on that and set my milestone and leave a legacy.

We can only wish KipRich the very best in his career. This is where I say peace out for this week. Next week, I will be chatting with another of your favourite Jamaicans. Until then, keep it real!

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