Tuff A Lie crew gets huge buzz with LOL dance

July 15, 2016
Contributed The two-member RDX group (foreground) poses with Tuff A Lie dancers

Up-and-coming dancer-artiste Baby Lawd of Tuff A Lie dance crew, has tongues wagging in the dancehall, courtesy of his popular dance move called the LOL.

The dance, which is now viral on social media, has also received a cosign from dancehall duo RDX, who are also making a comeback courtesy of their song LOL, which sees them paying homage to the dance move.

Founding member of the Tuff A Lie dance crew Mauri Tuff A Lie, told Dancers' Paradise that the dance was created by his brother, Baby Lawd. He also said that the dance has validated their presence in the dancehall community.

"It is the dance of the summer because we have the whole dancehall doing it locally and worldwide, because right now in Japan, LOL is a hit. When you see a dance that has captured the kids, you know you have something special," Mauri Tuff A Lie told Dancers' Paradise.

LOL has already amassed support from mainstream radio courtesy of songs from Baby Lawd and RDX. Mauri also stated that several other artistes have also done songs endorsing the dance move.

"This is real dancehall, and people who can dance are doing it, and people who cannot dance are also doing it. There are at least three dance songs in support of LOL, and that shows that people are feeling the same energy Baby Lawd placed into the creation of the move, so we respect that," he said.

RDX recently premiered its version of the LOL during their performance at the Irie FM road show in downtown Kingston. Tuff A Lie dance crew has also been executing a strong promotional campaign.

"We have LOL Tuesdays,which has given a lot of attention to the dance, and people have also had a chance to meet the creators of the dance. We have also been hitting the ground and showing our faces at many events to endorse the dance. The summer looks prosperous, and we are just waiting on the right calls right now," Mauri Tuff A Lie told Dancers' Paradise.

Tuff A Lie dance crew was also responsible for the creation of the popular Chikungunya dance.

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