My confessions : I poisoned my neighbour's dog

July 22, 2016

STAR, after I read last week's confession about the man who used his car for a toilet, I remembered how my neighbour's dog used to use my front yard as a toilet!

The dog bore a hole in the fence that separated our yard and him come over we yard and cause all sorts a problem! Him mash down me mother flowers, him draw garbage come inna di yard, and him bark afta we inna we own place.

But the worst part is that him used to put down some "big load" right at the front gate! It was so bad that me really affi wonda if it's the dog or multiple persons a come use the front gate fi toilet. But I saw with my own eyes that it was the big, black, mongrel dog from next door.

Every time we talk to him owner, the man cuss we off! One morning, mi accidentally step in a fresh load of it when I was leaving for church. I was so upset that I went straight to my neighbour about it.

The man say if it a bother me so much, me must go nyam it up. I just said, "Say no more, Satan!" and go me ways, because I had a plan to put a stoppage to all of it.

That night, me warm up some milk and crush some rat poison in it, then season some rice with Pyro insect spray and feed it to him. Mi mek sure run him back to him yard fi go dead.

As the morning light, me hear the neighbour a cuss pon top of him voice that we kill him dog, but him neva dare come to we about it because me woulda tell him the same thing him tell me - "Go nyam it!"

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