Fass & Curious : Controversial karaoke

July 25, 2016

Hey, my F&C readers, what a galang?!

Di oda day mi and me friends go a movie and after leaving, we could hear music blasting. It sounded like karaoke, and that's exactly what it was. My friend and I wanted to go but, of course, there was a party pooper in our midst.

One from among us was insistent that we should not go because it was a gay hangout spot. I was rolling my eyes like, what the hell!? Who asked? If you never been, how would you know who goes there?

The party pooper lost that battle. We went to check out this venue and I was not disappointed. The settings right, there was soup on the house and the karaoke did 'shat'. And all when me leaving, me still never see the gays. I remembered how that guy was talking this and that about the place. I knew people's personal life choices were not my business, and so I couldn't care less.

It's so sad that we are quick to put each other down based on what we hear, or judging based on stigmatisation. I'm so happy I went.

Jamaicans are always untimely in their turn out, but the crowd built up quickly. Big up the boss man. Him not all dat pon di singing, but a him say karry-yuh-own-key! Plus, he was singing to this girl him say him love off! It was entertaining!

The DJ took it some temperature up - the way he undressed and caressed the melody of the songs. Heaven bells must have been ringing with a voice like that. Mr Brown, sir, mi ago want yuh come sing a me wedding if anybody decide fi married to me! Dadadee!

Country man took the mic and the way he rhymed on the melody of Lionel Ritchie, Marvin Gaye and Kenny Rogers had everyone out of their chairs or screaming. He was getting 'pull up' after 'pull up'. Di man good like gold!

Bwoy, the way everyone was carrying on like they were on Rising Star or supmn, me not even did wah fi go sing again, worse like how me did flap di fus time. In my defence, it was the mic's fault. Dwl! One thing threw me off though, this good-looking girl in an orange dress. Girl can sing yah, but her slippers needed some cleaning! Like, really though?!

The setting was really elegant - decorated with red, blue and white material and nicely styled, I might add. The lights added a sense of euphoria while the potted plants added the icing on the cake. Those slippers had no place there, and not with a good-looking dress!

Gossip Chica out!

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