My Confession: I cooked lizards and cockroaches for my father


August 05, 2016

STAR, when I was about 15 years old, my father searched my phone and buck up pon some very explicit text messages between me and a guy.

The guy was telling me all sorts of things he wanted to do to me, and I was telling him how I couldn't wait to have those things done to me.

Mi father frighten outta him wits because him neva expect that from me, who go church every Sunday. To make matters worse, he realised that it was a 20-odd-year-old guy from the community that I was texting.

Him get vex and grab me, nearly break me hand. Mi heart nearly jump outta mi chest because him neva lick me before. Him cuss me until me shame like dog, saying I don't have any ambition and all sort a things.

He took away my phone and I couldn't go anywhere. I hated him so much.

Then just two days afta the whole thing, him have the audacity fi tell me to cook until him come home like seh we a friends.

Mi put on the pot with a very heavy heart, then mi buck up pon some bottles around the back that my little brother was catching lizards and cockroach in. Mi shake dem out inna the water mek dem gwaan boil out with the brown stew chicken, then me use a fork and crush dem out fine so that he wouldn't notice them.

That night him eat him belly full. Mi only sorry say mi little brother did eat some too.

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