Shakespeare takes home Stone Love award

August 05, 2016

Popular dancer Shakespeare has won the Stone Love award for Best Male Dancer for 2016.

Also featured in Nick Cannon's upcoming movie, King of Dancehall, the dancer told Dancers' Paradise he is grateful for the career progress.

"This is my second time winning the award and I am proud. It shows that I am doing something good and the people dem a see the work weh Shakespeare put in," he said.

The dancer credits his success to veteran dancer Collo Collo and his mother. He also looks to embark on a tour of Europe in the coming weeks.

"I give thanks to my mother and Collo Collo, because he saw me in Portland in 2008 and said I must come to Kingston and dance; and from dem time deh until now, I have been putting in the work which is now paying off. Right now for 2016, I will be going on a European tour organised by Dance JA and Top Up Production. I am also promoting a new dance called Rock The World," he said.

The Stone Love Award is largely respected in the dancehall underground, since Stone Love, as a sound system, has existed for more than two decades. Winning the coveted Best Male Dancer award is known to improve a dancer's marketability internationally, especially to Europeans who are known to frequent Stone Love's events. Other dancers who were nominated in the category were Shelly Belly and Gabbidon.

"It's like a street award for the youth who work over the years. Stone Love Award means a lot; it represents the street and those who don't get no justice commercially. When they get a Stone Love Award it takes them very far," popular selector Boom Boom told Dancers' Paradise.

The Stone Love Award show was hosted on July 27. Organiser of the event, Fada Pow, explained how the winners are selected. "We do a census and we are in the streets daily. So it's not a curry flavour thing, we make it official with the Stone Love team as the selection panel and we have been honouring acts for over 12 years," said Fada Pow.

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