Fass & Curious : Ras brought laughter to Ken's karaoke

August 08, 2016

Hey y'all, hope you enjoyed your Independence and Emancipation holidays.

Mi say, I went to a karaoke at Ken's Wildflower in Portmore, St Catherine, and I tell you, I can't remember when last I laughed so hard. It was like karaoke and comedy in one.

MC Fresh, the host for the night, called up a Ras to perform, and from the minute he took the mic, we were just cracking up. "How yuh fi send a man come greet me and him is a mango? Not even callaloo, is a beef, but a mi fren. Come here beef, hold dis (gave him his drink). Don't touch it. Now gwan go find something fi do. Move around. Come here... hold dis (gave him his bag). Me have two gran in deh, don't tek it out. Move around," he said. Dwl!

He started performing and people were literally rolling off their chairs. He was running up and down through the crowd wildly.

I tell you, I doubt people could really hear everything he was saying, but his whole vibe and antics were just as crazy as they come. It was refreshing. He saw a dog walk past the stage and stopped. "How dog reach in my performance? Me nuh innah nutn with dog. Tittie dem long to like she a search fi har baby- father. Beef, a hope yuh don't have nutn to do with that," he said. LMAO!

He started performing again, then stopped to address a patron. "Wah yah do yuh head so fah. Rasta go so, yuh go so. Don't do me that man. No man nuffi a look pon me!"




A man was there with a camera and he turned to him. "Don't video me," he said to the man. "Find a woman because I don't want yuh go home in yuh room and a look so."

He gestured and stared into the air and that had the place filled with laughter. The man told him he wasn't "videoing" him, to which he replied, "So a who fah picha yah tek?!"

He was back to performing like he hadn't even stopped. Another dog passed. "But wait, how a bare dog out yah? But dah one yah different man. Dis one look like the kind weh yuh would have in house. Time hard, everybody out a look it!" he said. Then just like that, he switched.

"Big up all false hair crew wah unuh cya grow unuh sew!" Laughing pwile! I tell you, though, he can definitely hold his own.

Walk good yah, peeps.

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